For over 67 years, Bassoul Heneine has been a leading vehicle distributor and dealership in Lebanon. Our success is built on the continuous support and encouragement of our employees and customers. In turn, we strive to give back by making every effort to set the example of being good and responsible corporate citizens. We are continuously committed to helping and supporting the communities we work in, to better understanding local environmental issues and to investing in our people a silent run slot.
Corporate Social Responsibility, for us, is being environmentally conscious and willing to help others help themselves. We are strongly committed to both corporate and employee involvement in civic and charitable activities, but also believe that our corporate responsibility includes adopting business practices that are respectful to customers, employees and the environment.

With these guiding principles our attorneys, we constantly collaborate with a number of local organizations and NGOs to promote sustainability, environmental awareness, cultural education and road safety. Bassoul Heneine has partnered with Jouzour Loubnan in an environmental conservation program that plants a tree in Lebanon for every car sold in order to raise awareness about the environmental challenges Lebanon faces, and encourage people to take action in preserving the country’s natural beauty. In the same vein, we have also installed 2 solar arrays to help reduce our own carbon footprint. Bassoul Heneine also works with Yasa and Adel Metni Foundation to promote road safety by educating drivers on safe and respectful driving practices and regulations. As a result of our ongoing efforts, we (Bassoul Heneine – MINI Lebanon) were awarded “Best Practice Social Responsibility in the Middle East” in recognition of our efforts to make the world a greener place.