July, 2017


Renault Lebanon is launching the new TWIZY, a simple, eco-friendly urban mobility vehicle.

TWIZY by Renault is an innovative, quadri-cycle environmentally-friendly, practical and completely new transport solution that provides a new way to get around town for all to enjoy. Original video commercial for this model has spread very fast on social media, thanks to the real views provided by The Marketing Heaven.

100% electric, Renault TWIZY is a playful vehicle particularly suited to the new optimized urban mobility, with an easy handling and minimal dimensions. Very easy to recharge, it can be plugged to any domestic electric socket.

Available in two 2 versions, one passenger version (2 passengers, one in the front, one in the back) and a cargo version TWIZY CARGO (1 passenger and a rear trunk), TWIZY is highly maneuverable and easy to park, it provides ultimate European standards-abiding safety and extreme agility.

A creative name that combines “Twin” and “Easy”: A 2-seater, easy to drive, just like any car, easy to park, like a scooter and easy to charge, just like any electric appliance!

TWIZY is a fully electric / Zero Emission car with a top speed of 80 km/h. It has a sufficient autonomy for daily urban rides: 80 km Urban cycle range specifications (depending on driving conditions).

And what’s more, TWIZY’S battery has a 2nd life. It can easily be recycled after its use!

With Renault TWIZY, Renault confirms its status as an innovative manufacturer. Revolutionary in design and concept and customizable at will, TWIZY is fun to live with.

TWIZY can be driven with a regular car driving license.

You have a modern lifestyle?

Perfect: TWIZY is an alternative to scooters, yet much safer and more comfortable. Customized to your every whim, with your new Renault TWIZY, you can now impress your friends.

You are a company or institution with a vision and sense of social responsibility?

Even more perfect: TWIZY is your modern day solution for urban traffic.
You can wander around town easily, safely and comfortably in this 4-wheeler and never be late to a meeting anymore!
Should you choose TWIZY CARGO, you will benefit rehabnear.me from a unique electric micro-LCV. Ideal for urban deliveries, it provides one driver’s seat in the front and a 180 L /75 Kg storage space in the rear with a 90 degrees lockable door.

Easy to charge
As easy as 1, 2, 3: Open TWIZY’s front flap, pull out the cable and plug it into any domestic socket!

Recharge your TWIZY’s battery in less than 3.5 hours. You will not need a specific charging infrastructure. With its 2kW 25A DC/DC air-cooled charger / converter, TWIZY can be plugged to any standard electric socket: TWIZY is delivered as standard with its 3-meter integrated and secured open-socket cable.

Easy to drive
With its dimensions of 2.34m x 1.40m x 1.980m (L x W X H scissor doors open) and its weight of 474 kg, TWIZY is perfectly maneuverable and ideal for cities. It has the best turning radius (3.4 m) in the 4-wheel car segment (the turning radius is defined by the distance required to make a 90 degree turn).

Easy to park
Squeeze it easily between two cars, or even perpendicularly (perpendicular parking is accepted in some countries if the vehicle’s length does not exceed the delimited parking lot width). You can easily go out or get in your TWIZY, thanks to its scissor doors.

Just like any car, TWIZY has a real driving cockpit with an ultimate thermal comfort: Its roof, deflectors and doors protect you from any weather condition. Side flexible windows are also available.

When creating TWIZY, Renault has given a priority to passive safety. A real 4-wheel vehicle, TWIZY is designed with a reinforced tubular structure, a steel front bumper beam, crossbars under the battery and equipped as standard with a front airbag and seatbelts (4-points in the front and 3-points in the back). Its back seat is even compatible with a Baby Seat. It has been crash-tested many times during its development phase in order to ensure the best safety levels.

On another front, as compared to 2 or 3-wheeler scooters, TWIZY’s 4 wheels and high adherence ensure it never topples over.

Moreover, TWIZY is equipped with a Pedestrian warning sound.

With a total weight of 474 kg, TWIZY’s welcoming cockpit can comfortably seat 2 persons, one behind the other.

It is equipped with a standard clutch-less automatic gearbox and a real steering wheel.

TWIZY’s acceleration is as good as that of a scooter! Thanks to E.V. (Electric Vehicle) technology, in the TWIZY, the maximum torque is available upon first acceleration: 57Nm from 0 to 2000 RPM.

Onboard TWIZY, you can use your braking pedals as in any regular car. The braking process is automatically distributed between front and rear brakes.

Renault TWIZY is available starting $19,300 including VAT and if you can’t afford it all in one go we also offer direct short term laons at loanstip a company that provides a great service tailored for your need.